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Content Co-Creation

Power Pets have experience in working with global and premium brands.

Featured Power Pets


Nathan the Beach Cat

Gender: Female
Paw: Cat
Power Talent: Breaking Stereotypes

With over 180 thousand followers on Instagram, and regular appearances on global media sites – including being snapped by the pupparazzi at People.com – Nathan is breaking the internet faster than Kim Kardashian can sign on for a new season.


My Deer Little Pony

Gender: Female
Paw: Fallow Fawn
Power Talent: Dangerously Adorable

This young girl’s story couldn’t sound more like a Disney movie if we tried. My Deer Little Pony entered foster care after being found alone, scared and weak before finding her foster-family of ducks, pigs, goats, and well… you know the tale.


Mark & Mya

Gender: Male/Female
Paw: Human and Dog
Power Talent: Thrill Seekers

No paw gets left behind. Mark and Mya’s Adventures are the city-hopping, mountain-bike riding terrific two-some featuring Aussie guy, Mark and White Shepherd Mya, showing the world that travelling with cross-species has no boundaries.